Ten Seconds Left!

With all these individuals in front of me—those who loved me and others who chose to do the opposite—I only had ten seconds left. They all seem to be so different from one another, even though I know I won’t see them again. This concludes the episode. Ten seconds feels like ten minutes right now. I was ready to say thank you, to cuss, and to let go since I had prepared for this time. However, when I look at these folks, I see recollections and past selves that I no longer recognize. Panic ensues when the number abruptly changes to 9.

Set it back to ten. I ask you, please, return it to ten.

I looked across their faces, my lungs beginning to slowly collapse. I felt a wave of love and forgiveness; I knew that my loss would already be profound. I could tell they comprehended what I was attempting to express with just one drop of tears acting as words—or perhaps they didn’t. Perhaps they never will. But in these latter moments of my life, this connection means something. That suffices in my opinion.

There are five seconds remaining.

I closed my eyes, lifted my gaze to the ceiling, and pleaded. Please, God, take me to a beautiful place. Please give me the opportunity to experience less misery, even if it is not here on Earth. Take all of my suffering and transform it into something valuable.

I opened my eyes to see these folks staring at me again. But they all looked familiar this time. They reminded me of a beautiful place in my life, and I thought that my prayers had been heard. My lips turned up at the edges, and they did too.

How could death be so lovely?

How can my deathbed provide comfort?

final three seconds…

My heart begins to beat more slowly, and time seems to go by like the credits of a movie with a lot of famous actors. the kind that makes you stand in amazement and clap with appreciation while giving you chills.Even though I really want to go out of this world peacefully, a part of me still regretfully hammers on the door. Perhaps I would have spent my life as though I had just ten seconds left if I had known better.

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