Nigeria’s Top 5 Most Lucrative Business for 2024

 In Nigeria, coming up with a company idea and launching it may be compared to striking gold, providing individuals with a better way of life, greater freedom, the ability to pursue their goals, financial independence, and even a whopping 23% longer life expectancy.

These are the top five.


Since there are numerous options, including cafes, restaurants, and other mobile food vendors vying for your consumers, having cooking talents will give you a distinct advantage over your rivals when launching a mobile food vendor business.

Your ability to cook attractive, tasty, and reasonably priced meals will make you stand out from the competition. Starting this business can be done for as little as N50,000.


Every business requires advertising, so why not get started right away since social media is the new marketplace?

This has to be among the richest and fastest-growing money pots of the modern era. Almost $400 billion was spent worldwide on internet advertising in 2018.

This business is sweeping the globe, encompassing social media, blogs, websites, newspapers, search engines, apps, and gaming.

You may take advantage of this opportunity and start making money right now by establishing an online advertising business, and you can do this for as little as N100,000.


Why not launch your own company if you were previously paid a daily wage to clean offices or apartments? All you need are cleaning supplies and employees to work for you or alongside you.You can therefore provide cleaning services for homes, offices, and flats. These days, this kind of service is not inexpensive.


The cost of imports and exports has skyrocketed due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. with people having a really hard time getting goods from their different places of origin.

You would be mistaken to believe that Nigeria has little to export. One of the most lucrative international trades for Africa is the shipping of resources.

You will get wealthy by exporting raw materials to other countries, such as crude oil, yam, cassava, cocoa, green vegetables, vegetable oil, and palm oil. Outside the nation, there is a significant market for these goods.


A data reseller is a person who buys large quantities of data at a discounted rate from telecom providers and VTU platforms and then resells it to clients at a price that suits them.

You can start several profitable enterprises for less than N100,000, but you must properly research and analyze which category best suits you.

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