How Scrella is Making Smartphone Protection Accessible for All in Nigeria

If you take out your phone to check the address one final time before an important appointment, it falls out of your hand and smashes against the sidewalk. Your heart sinks as the screen breaks. For many Nigerians who depend on their cell phones daily, this is the reality; nevertheless, a game-changer is about to arrive.

A young professional living in Lagos who, like many of us, relies extensively on his smartphone for communication at work and for maintaining relationships with family members was presented with the difficult option of either replacing or repairing his phone when the screen broke. Because of this all too regular situation, Gbenga Adigun, a visionary entrepreneur, established Scrella, an innovative Insurtech company that is poised to transform device insurance in Nigeria.

Scrella Is Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Transform Device Insurance
With its impending launch, Scrella is excited to announce that it would be redefining the device insurance market in Nigeria. With a focus on utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve accessibility and convenience for all, Scrella provides a seamless and comprehensive insurance solution for smartphones, catering to the different needs of contemporary consumers.

Principal Elements of Scrella’s Insurance Offerings:
Remote Device Inspection: By utilizing cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, Scrella gives its clients the ability to remotely finish device inspections. This feature guarantees a simple, quick, and secure insurance application process by doing away with the need for physical inspections and cutting down on the time and work involved in policy acceptance.

No-Appearance Sign-Up: Customers can acquire insurance coverage without the need for in-person visits or extensive paperwork by using Scrella’s unique no-appearance sign-up approach. The insurance buying procedure is streamlined by this strategy, which is easy to use and available to all individuals, regardless of their schedule or location.

Comprehensive Coverage: Scrella provides insurance for cellphones that are both new and in use, regardless of whether they are trusted devices or brand-new purchases. All owners of devices can rest easy knowing that they are protected against any potential harm thanks to this extensive coverage.

Encouraging Financial Inclusion: Scrella’s dedication to financial inclusion is at the heart of its purpose. Scrella gives people of all income levels the ability to safeguard their priceless gadgets by providing them with comprehensive and reasonably priced device insurance options. Everyone, from professionals to students, may take advantage of dependable insurance coverage without having to worry about breaking the bank because to our commitment to exclusivity.

Take Part in the Future of Insurance for Devices
The first week of July 2024 is when Scrella will formally begin.
Visit to join their wait-list and receive updates on the newest developments.

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